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Pay attention to the inner coating of the sports water bottle
As we all know, excessive intake of aluminum is harmful to human health, the inner coating of the sports water bottle can reslove this problem. It can isolate water, juice, milk, coffee and other drinks with aluminum pot body.
The coating composition of sports water bottle is more than 20% of the resin, about 1% of the additive, the rest are solvent. The inner coating is the most important determinants of the water bottle quality, safety and reliable. First, the inner coating material is safe and will not cause harm to human health. The second is spray quality of the internal coating in the water bottle, whether the spray is evently, firm adhesion, and have necessary thickness, so as to ensure the reliability of the isolation.

Under the intense export competition pressure, in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness, most domestuc manufacturers are use inexpensive coating materials. Due to limit the size and strength, its equipment and technology is difficult to ensure the spray quality of inner coating. Before buy sports water bottle, select the products produced by professional manufacturers.

The inner coating of sports water bottle must meet the hygiene requirements of food-grade, however, due to lack of supervision and testing, domestic sports water bottle products, in addition to several large-scale manufacturers, the market is flooded with cheap products, which coating have quality problems.