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Travel mug is essential gear
As for me, the travel mug is essential travel gear. After all, they hold the coffee.

As the name suggests, double shot planetary design of the French press ($ 30; is a coffee pot and travel mug. Double-wall, restaurant, high-grade stainless steel cylinder with 14 ounces of liquid, plus it has a secret of the screw in the bottom of the container, so you can store more grinding travel mug worth. If you want to know about a great travel mug of coffee, do not. By a dual filtration system to keep the travel mug grinding. I double shot in the early morning cycling and skiing tourism stable partner, not only twist the rubber bottom and flip cover to stop spewing hot travel mug of liquid, coffee, printing presses, so I wake up at dawn a lot of fun.

For stylish and simple, try Sigg Metro travel mug (25; dollars), Swiss-made functional art piece. From food grade stainless steel construction, the Metro has a 8.5 oz travel mug of coffee or tea, make your drink-hour hot water, is 100% leak-proof bicycle commuting a great advantage.

Or to fully comply with Stanley Nineteen13 recycling and recyclable 16 oz travel mug ($ 12; shopstanley sustainable. Leak-proof, double-walled vessel is made from 100% recycled polypropylene (of which 25% is post-consumer). It is ideal for bike cage, even to the European size travel mug holders crowded the old school in my Saab.
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