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Vacuum Flask Introduction
Vacuum flask is a water container made by ceramic or stainless steel and a vacuum layer. The top of vacuum flask has cover and seal tightly. The vacuum insulation enables the internal water and other liquids delay cooling to achieve thermal insulation purposes.

Vacuum Flask evolved from thermos, the thermal insulation principle is same with thermos. Heat transmission in three ways: radiation, convection and delivery. The silver cup bile can reflect hot water radiation, there has a vacuum layer between cup body and cup bile which can block the transmission of heat and prevent heat convection.
Surface smooth without odor, when into the hot water, vacuum mug is not hot. The internal and external of vacuum flask are stainless steel, it is made by advanced vacuum technology. Vacuum flask is elegant, seamless liner, good sealing performance and thermal insulation properties. It can put ice and hot drinks. At the same time, functional innovation and details design make vacuum flask have more connotation and practical. Almost every vacuum flask has its own unique characteristics, some are double cover design, just click the switch the water will automatically flow out; some vacuum flask have braised burning functions. Every vacuum flask at least have two or more functions, whether travel or home use are very convenient.