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Purchase skills of vacuum flask
Were are many kinds of stainless steel vacuum flask on the market, prices vary widely. For most of consumers, due to do not understand the principle, so often paid for buy desirable products. How to buy high-quality vacuum flask?

First look at the appearance of the vacuum flask. Look the surface finish of bladder is uniform, whether bumps and scratches flaws.
Second, look at oral welding is smooth or not, which relates its feeling of drinking.

Third, look at the quality of plastic parts. It not only affect the service life, but also affect water sanitation.

Fourth, look the insider sealing is tight or not. Plug and the cup body is right. Is screwed in and out freely, or leaking. Full glass of water, then upside down four or five minutes, it can verify whether the vacuum flask leaking. Look at the insulation, which is the main technical indicators of vacuum flask. When you buy cup, you general can not according the standard to examination. You can be fill with hot water by hand feeling, the not insulation cup is warm and vacuum flask is always cool.