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How to identify sports water bottle

1. See the certification: need to pay attention to whether the sports water pass the certification. First to see whether the water bottle manufacturers have the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, the manufacturer which pass strict certification, can eliminate many problems in manufacturing and quality management system.

Second, the products exported to the U.S. need testing and certification by Federal Drug Administration; exported to Europe need German Technical Monitoring Association testing and certification. In addition, it need domestic related testing and certification. Current domestic testing and certification standards in many areas are more stringent than foreign. The most basic is whether pass the testing of National Quality Technical Supervision.

2. See details: a good sports water bottle have some significant performance in details: good sports water bottle have very smooth surface and interior, it will not blistering or processes by impurities. The color of screen pattern is uniform, because of the different materials, the color, luster and texture are different.

3. Price: if you the above identified problems are difficult, the easiest way is to look at the price. Quality reliable and excellent quality sports water bottle is bound to the high cost, the price will not be too cheap. In general, regardless of size, cheap water bottle are very difficult to guarantee quality and reliable.

4. See labels: formal sports water bottle brand has product information, using notes and company information. In addition to facilitating the safe use of the purchaser, if there are problems, it is easy for consumers to contact and counseling.